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About Me

The Full Story

I'm a bi-lingual writer with over 15 years experience in media and digital platforms. I write in both Arabic and English with equal fluency. Despite my passion for print, I'm digitally focused and have extensive knowledge of best SEO and UX writing practices. 
I have created specially curated and branded content, written press releases, brand catalogues, and websites targeted at the Middle Eastern market, and worked on large scale translation projects, Arabizing global e-commerce platforms. I have also provided consultation services for international brands, focusing on market insights and regional trends.
I have styled beauty shoots, interviewed a number of international celebrities and worked closely with many beauty professionals in the industry and built a strong brand/PR network along the way. I'm also the founder of, an online guide to all things beauty in the Middle East and beyond.
In addition to my expansive product and beauty treatment knowledge, I'm also a certified skincare therapist and makeup artist with additional certification in cosmetic science.
For more information about my career experience, past projects, and current work portfolio, get in touch today.

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